The Al Bachaouia Palace

Mohamed Ben Kharafa looks masterful. Dressed in silky djellaba, wearing slippers, he welcomes us as master of the door of "Qasr Al Bachaouia". With a skilful gesture he beckons us to enter. Conservative of this historic site, located on the Boulevard Victor Hugo (Habous district), Ben Kharafa has the task of watching over an imposing architectural masterpiece. Built in the forties of the previous century, this jewel seems to have lost nothing of its former splendor. Mr. Ben Kharafa would ensure the maintenance of this site on a day-to-day basis. "As you can see, the site is well maintained," he says, before reaching out to the front as if to hunt a bad idea.
The tourists, who go to "Qasr Al Bachaouia", are legion. "Our only condition for opening access to these tourists is that they are accompanied by an authorized guide," Ben Kharafa said. With regard to nationals, entry remains free. Tourist attraction, "Qasr Al Bachaouia" also offers an environment conducive to artistic and cultural activity. This is witnessed by the beautiful evening with the star of the Andalusian music Mohamed Bajeddoub, organized by the Lion's Club of Casablanca. A magnificent journey through time and space, through the transport of a living part of our Arab-Andalusian musical mode


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